Bidslate Overview

BidSlate® are based in New York, USA. They are a seamless, secure, online B2B marketplace allowing Film makers (content owners) to license their distribution rights, for all territories and formats, directly to global buyers (Networks, VOD-Platforms, Distributors, etc). Bidslate® simplify content rights negotiations and transactions globally.

BidSlate® facilitate the transaction process by offering an end-to-end solution to distribution rights trading. They continuously showcase new titles (from narrative features, documentaries, series to short-content) from the ever growing stream of high-quality media today.  BidSlate® also attracts the world’s media-rights buyers, making for a highly competitive, egalitarian purchase process for all parties, globally.


Bidslate® needed a dedicated, flexible and talented team to build their online platform from the bottom up. The requirements ranged from creating a modern and user-friendly website through to architecting and developing cutting edge technology that allows users to easily upload their large file digital content to secure online storage, showcase their media portfolio and also to create detailed and customised contracts on the fly for all global transactions


The CTO of Jamaza, Manfred Van Ursel, brought his years of experience in the online digital media sector to the table and architected the end to end solution from the ground up. In parallel, our principal website architect built out the online solution to the strict but user-friendly requirements that Bidslate® needed. He is supported by one of our top Joomla component developers to create the unique Bidslate® functionality.

Technologies Used

Bidslate® would prefer if we do not mention the technologies used for this project. Suffice to say, it is a mix of PHP and Jamaza magic ;-)